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forms are fillable
Type info, Print and bring to track
Minor form must be signed at track in front of official 
Minor form must be printed in color.

 Minor Release Information

All Minors under the age of 18 are required to have a minor release form filled out and signed by their parents or legal guardian (must be parent or legal guardian, not brother, sister, aunt, uncle or friend). 

They can be picked up and filled out at the Shawano Speedway Office or They can be printed online (they must be printed in color and the signatures need to be notarized if not filled out and signed at the office).  Minor release forms must be filled out correctly and both sides need to be complete. We will then issue a card with the minor’s name and that will need to be presented at the pit gate at time of entrance.

On Saturday nights, all minors and their parents or legal guardians will need to stop at the Ticket office (there will be a window where tickets are purchased) to fill out the minor release form and receive their minor release card.  Once the minors have been issued a minor release card they can then proceed to the pit entrance each week.  If your minor release card is lost, you will be required to pick up a new one.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter.  It should help speed up entrance into the pits.

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