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2021 Shawano County Fair Offers Opportunity

        While it seems a ways away, The Shawano County Fair has been busy making plans for the 2021 Fair. We would like to include you and your family in the 2021 to make it a great fair.

            As You know, the Pandemic has caused everyone to readjust their lifestyles.  We are aware that the extra time spent at home with family resulted in picking up hobbies, such as Wood working, Painting, Photography and even planting a garden.   You pickled and preserved your items from the garden, and worked hours upon hours on other projects.  With a shortage in Yeast, Families did baking projects as well.   Why not enter them in the 2021 Shawano County Fair, and show off your talents and the fruits of your labor. All these projects are eligible to be entered into the fair.

            This is only a sampling of the projects that can be entered in the Shawano County Fair.  The Fair Premium Book has hundreds of projects that can be entered into the Open Class of the Shawano County Fair. The Fair book is online at .   We also have hard copies of the Premium book at the Fair Office and also are available at local post offices, banks, and other retail locations throughout Shawano County.  We will be starting to distribute to those locations very soon.

            For only $2.00 you can enter up to 50 items from several departments.  What a great way for your family to get involved in the 2021 Shawano County Fair.   For any questions, go to or call the fair office at 715-526-7069 or 715-526-7065.  See you at the 2021 Shawano County Fair.